Join the worldwide music industry community

    Join the worldwide music industry community

    Representing labels & musicians for TV, games, film & advertising

    We are a sync licensing agent working directly with music supervisors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers and TV production companies. We generate sync revenue fees for your music productions and you retain 100% of all your copyrights and royalties.

    Music Licensing

    Access music jobs, creative opportunities & collaborate online

    Further your careers in music business and find the best music industry jobs and music business opportunities worldwide, from Los Angeles to London, NYC & Nashville.

    Music Jobs

    Music promotion, radio airplay, DSP playlists & music marketing

    Amplify and enhance your music industry career with our dedicated music promotion team. Get your music played on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, radio, TV and more to ultimately grow your fan reach exponentially!

    Music Promotion

    All the features perfectly designed for the music business worldwide

    Artist & musician success stories

    "I've been so happy to see my Spotify go over 1M streams, which is crazy. MG secured 20 official Spotify playlists. An amazingly successful campaign"

    Georgia Box

    Indie Artist

    "Ive disregarded all other systems to use Gateway daily for pitching, storing music, managing metadata & sending music files to our sync clients"

    Tom Wells

    Head Of Sync - Mayfield Records

    "I've been a member for years now...I love the team, everyone is super genuine & trying to help artists navigate a really tricky area of the industry. Really appreciate what you guys do!"

    Ships Have Sailed

    Independent Band

    "Its been fantastic to join in the early days & watch it rapidly grow into an impressive music licensing hub. Equally, the team havent lost their personal touch!"

    Kathy Brown

    Singer Songwriter

    "Theyve really helped me to develop as an artist, pulling together all the aspects of my brand, the music, my personality to make it whole"


    Independent Artist

    "Music Gateway reflects the reality of today, movement, freshness and technology at the same time. I love it!"

    Pamela Pagano

    Label Manager - One More Lab

    A trusted source for the indie music sector


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